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1 lives in Alaska
5 live in Arizona
10 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
4 live in Connecticut
3 live in Delaware
2 live in District Of Columbia
29 live in Florida
5 live in Georgia
3 live in Hawaii
2 live in Illinois
2 live in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
381 live in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
24 live in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
2 live in Missouri
2 live in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
1 lives in Nevada
17 live in New Hampshire
2 live in New Jersey
2 live in New Mexico
7 live in New York
7 live in North Carolina
1 lives in North Dakota
3 live in Ohio
4 live in Oklahoma
2 live in Oregon
6 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
3 live in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
2 live in Vermont
7 live in Virginia
6 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
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1 lives in Germany
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1 lives in Philippines
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1 lives in Turkey
1 lives in United Kingdom
6,033 location unknown
216 are deceased


Know the email address of a missing Alumni? Click here to contact them!

Belfast Area and Crosby High School Alumni Association Classes Of 1940 - 2013.  





The Class of 1966 Reunion Plans 

The Class of 1966 would like to plan a reunion for this summer but are having trouble finding people to help.  If anyone has friends or family members who were in that class, please ask them to contact Pat Bryant.  Click on "profiles", then click on 1966, then find her name and send her a private message.  Reconnecting with old friends from our childhood can be a wonderful experience.  Please consider getting in touch. 

Crosby High School Reunion 2016 

The Annual Crosby High School Reunion will be held August 13, 2016 at Belfast Area High School.  If you need any further information, please click on Virg's name under the class of 1954 and send him a private message.  Have fun, kids! angel

Class Reunion Plans??

If any individual classes are planning on having a reunion this year, please send me the information by hitting the "contact us" tab at the top of the page.  A front page announcement will be placed here and then, an e-mail will be sent to all the members of your class directly.  


Crosby High School Alum from the Class of 1934 and long time Belfast school system faculty member, Hilda Weymouth Sheldon has passed away.  Please see "In Memory" tab for additional information.  Scroll all the way to the bottom where the teachers/staff memorials are listed or click on her name under the "Teacher Profiles" tab on the right.  


If any BAHS classes are planning a reunion for this coming summer 2015, please let me know and I will post all the pertinent information of who, what, when, where and why right here on the front page announcements.  

Verification of All New Profiles

Due to some devious people who have input ficticious information on New Profile set-ups, it has become necessary to verify each new profile with a phone call and e-mail follow-up before unrestricted access is allowed to locked-down pages.  Each new profile will have to fill in required fields so I can double check that they are indeed the graduate of BAHS that they profess to be.  Please be patient while I confirm your identity and green light you.  It is a sad statement on society that this action has to be taken, but it is for the privacy and safety of all BAHS Alumni that these new measures have to be implemented.  Also, on your personal profiles when you are setting them up, please be sure to lock them so search engines can not get access to your profile - only other members of BAHS Alumni Association who have become members of this website and have to log in first.  Thank you. (posted Tuesday, September 10, 2013)

BAHS Alumni Ball Cap Available

The Alumni Store has a royal blue ball cap with gold lettering available for a donation of $20 dollars to the BAHS Alumni Association ($15.00 donation, $5.00 mailing costs) .  "BAHS" is in block lettering and "alumni" is in cursive.  Please see the two pictures posted under the left side tab labeled "Store and Links" for an up-close view.  If interested, please send a message through the "contact us" tab at the top of the page.  If there is enough request for this item, we will expand the offerings in the future. 

(Former Superintendent of Schools - Bruce Mailloux - wearing his BAHS Alumni Ball Cap. He was a member of the 1967 Ski Team who won the Eastern Maine Class B Championship title and brought home the second banner to hang in the brand new high school gym.)


Class of 1973 40th Reunion Picture Summer of 2013

Those in attendance were:  Randy Philbrook, Rebeca Clark, Gloria Whitcomb, Bernie Chandler, Debbie Oxton, Debbie Nickerson, Rose Rummey, Sue Wieman, Skip Philbrook, Lee Woodward, Thrulow Ward, Tina Brown, Cindy Paul, Kris Clark, Maggie Merrifield, Mike Chaples, Bob Staples, Ed Keating, Robert Proulx , Walter Riley, Denise Thruber, Scott Maclead, Les Herbig, Marcia Buck, and Diane Oxton.

Homecoming 2013

A new slideshow has been added under the "Picture Gallery" tab for BAHS Homecoming 2013 which was held Friday, October 11, 2013. 

Past Yearbooks Available for Sale

Did you lose your yearbook from 1981?  Would you like to obtain a copy?  There are ten (10) 1981 yearbooks available for sale - priced at $15. each.  If interested, please contact current BAHS Yearbook Advisor, Heidi O'Donnell by sending her a private message (click on teacher profiles and locate her name). 

Other Yearbook years available: 2006 - 2, 2005 - 1, 2001 - 26, 2000 - 3, 1999 - 81, 1998 - 6, 1997 - 25, 1996 - 12, 1995 - 13, 1994 - 15, 1992 - 10, 1991 - 5, 1990 - 39. 

Crosby High School Basketball Team 1940-41

The guy holding the ball is Billy York. He was killed in 1945 during WWII.  Plus, the brand new warm-up suits were purchased for the team members by the Belfast business men.

Can any one identify the other team members for me?

Could any one tell me who the class officers were in 1973, 1987, 1993, and 1998?  If someone has names, please send a private message to Mary (Richards) Thompson, Class of 1978.  Thank you for any assistance you can give in this quest for information. 

(Jimmy Hatch Class of 1977, new member of the "Alumni Ball Cap Club",  wears his Blue and Gold Lion hat.)

Donations Appreciated

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to:  Craig Hatch ('80), Kerry Clark Jordan ('77), James Hatch Jr. ('77) and a mystery person for their generosity in donating to the BAHS Alumni Association for the purpose of website renewal.  Due to their open hearts, this website has been renewed for the next three  years for the enjoyment of all classmates, staff, teachers and administrators.  Craig, Kerry, Jimmy and the mystery person - I thank you!!

Updates to Hall of Fame

I have added the stand out accomplishments from the 1978 - 1980 seasons - teams and individuals. (Posted 4/07/13)

All the deceased members of the class of 1951 have had an "In Memory" page created for them.  If the other classes would contact me with a list of their members who have passed away, I will create an "In Memory" page for each individual as well.  Also, three BAHS Alumni have recently passed: Romona Ada Jackson Strickland (1946), John G. Hawthorne (1955), and David Lloyd Kinney (1977).  My sincere sympathy to the family members and friends left behind who are grieving their loss. 

Slide Show Created from 1966 Yearbook

Under the tab "Picture Gallery" a new slide show has been created from the 1966 yearbook.  The alumni to be seen contained within are from all three classes of 1966 to 1968.   If you click on the first picture in the show, it will automatically start a slideshow with a 4 second delay.  Enjoy the memories. 

New Interview

A new alumni interview has been posted.  Mary (Richards) Thompson from the Class of 1978, a resource conservationist, is the lastest subject of the  "Alumni In Focus" column.  Please click on the left side tab "Interviews w/ Alumni" to read more.  (Posted 11/13/13)

Class of 1974 Plans 40th Reunion

Plans for our 40th class reunion have been made for July 19th, 2014We have settled on an event schedule! 1PM - 3PM Meet at Belfast Boat House, listen to Celtic Festival Music. 3PM - 6PM On your own, visit friends 6PM - 9PM BBQ at Jayne's house. We will grill chicken and burgers, suggested donation $5 per person. Salads, sides, desserts are welcome. (BYOB) 9PM - 10PM Fireworks in Belfast Harbor. Hope to see you there.  If you need directions, please click on profiles, select class of 1974 and then, send a private message to Jayne Crosby Giles. 


New Survey Added

A new survey has been added to the tabs on the left side of the page, "Time Frame for Reunions".  Please share your thoughts so a game plan can be formed for the alumni association going forward.  Thanks everyone. 

New Interview Posted

A new interview with former Superintendent of Schools RSU #20, Bruce Mailloux has been added under the tab "Interviews w/ Alumni".  Please click on it and check it out.  (posted 9/02/12)

New Feature of Site

A very important new feature has been added to our alumni association web site called "Notify Me". It replaces the former "Profile Subscriptions" function. All fellow alum you were previously following are still present on the new Notify Me page. In addition you will find a variety of new options to allow you to interact with our site exactly the way you wish to. For instance you can now receive notifications by email when events like this happen on our site:

* I receive a new personal message
* Someone leaves a comment on my profile
* Pictures have been added to a photo gallery
* A Classmate has been added to In Memory
* A Classmate posts an In Memory comment
* A new reunion or event is being planned
* A new announcement has been posted
* A new Classmate joins the site
* Two or more people are in Live Chat
* Pages on the site have been added or updated
* A Missing Classmate has been found

I encourage you to log in, click on the new Notify Me feature (it's the first link under Member Functions) and set your new Notification Options now. It's a great way of keeping up with fellow alum, teachers and administrators! You can opt to receive notification messages immediately, or opt to have them grouped into one daily convenient email. The choice is yours! I hope you enjoy this new and exciting method of keeping up with our classmates and web site. Log in today and set your new Notify Me options now! (9/27/12)


Class of 1992 Celebrating Twenty Year Reunion Summer 2012

(Center: Mary Richards Thompson (Class of 1978)

ALUMNI SWIM BLURB........By Mary Richards Thompson (Class of 1978)
The swimming tradition continued for a another year on the 26th of December.  Since Bob Winslow began coaching the boys team in 1973, I believe the alumni swim meet has been a fixture since 1975 or 6.  I don't remember swimming against Alumni while in high school, which ended for me in 1978.  Then it was awhile before us woman began showing up to do battle in the pool.  So what is so fun about showing up 33 years after passing through the hallowed waters of the 46 year old pool?  Well it is always nice to know that all the swimming you have done through the previous year pays off as you don't end up with your head stuck in the garbage can, the swim suit still fits, though the styles have changed, and that you can safely say that none of the alumni or the current swimmers were born when you finished your swim career at BAHS.  Seriously, showing up for all the years that I have, probably a good 25, causes me to relive those hours spent going back and forth in the pool, which don't seem that long ago.  Of course Mr. Winslow is still there as he just loves swimming.  Lastly it is good to see old swim friends as swimmers are a special bunch of people, who could swim all those yards without the ability to chat with your friends, but to talk and sing to yourself all those peaceful moments while your head is in the water.  Is this the same as your head being in the clouds????
So remember, every December 26th there is an event that you can attend where it doesn't matter if you finish last,  I do most years, but I can still swim the 200 and 500 freestyles, if your googles leak, you don't need to have the newest swim suit, only one of decent appearance, it is warm, and the conversation is what you make of it.  Next year it would be great to have someone come from each decade from the 1960's to the 2000's.  Quite frankly I am getting tired of being the oldest showing up and asking the swimmer next me to take it easy on me as they weren't born when I was swimming in this pool.  See you next year!!!!

Alumni Lady Lions Nip Girl Cubs

Front L - R:  Lynne (Heroux) Hahn ('82) - Coach, Traci Sheldon ('85), Amy (Dyer) Kelley ('91), Brooke Reed ('07), Brittany Cummings ('07), Brianna Webster ('08), Back L - R: Ade Hills ('09), Brittany Dyer ('09), Elizabeth Rauch ('11), Carly Emt ('11)

The Alumni Lady Lions nipped the Girl Cubs 39 - 36 in a close game on Monday evening, December 26.  With one minute to go in the final period, the BAHS Cubs sent a girl to the foul line where she sunk both shots to tie-up the score 36 - 36.  Then,  the experienced Lady Lions took the round ball to the other end of the hard wood, and with 14 seconds on the clock, let a 3 point shot fly from the corner off the finger tips of Brittany Dyer ('09), which found nothing but net!  It was an exciting, hard fought match that went right to the final buzzer.   Good game Ladies and Girls and the fans will anticipate a return to the Lion's Den next year for another exciting competition. 


For Additional Alumni Game pictures of both basketball and swim, please click on the left side tab labeled "Images Tell Stories".  If any one else took pictures on Dec. 26, 2011, it would be greatly appreciated if you could e-mail them to me so I could add them to the slideshow of the event.  Thank you. 

New Page - Hall of Fame - Please click on the right side tab and check out the pictures of the championship teams to be honored on Dec. 26th. 

12-14-10 Announcment of alumni games and plans are in The Republican Journal/Village Soup on-line: click here for the link. 

A new tab on the left column has been added - "Getting to Know You".  Please answer the questions and share in the fun when you have a few minutes to reflect and stroll down memory lane. 

Message From the Desk of Superintendent of School RSU 20:







Welcome back alumni of Belfast Area HS.  The Belfast area and BAHS have undergone significant changes since 1975.  The high school, originally built to house approximately 400 students, is now serving 643 students grades nine through twelve.  There have been three additions to the school that include the math wing, the English wing, and the most obvious fine arts wing.  All schools in the district, with the exception of Weymouth school, have been upgraded or totally rebuilt.  With the addition of the Capt. Albert Stevens elementary school and the Troy Howard Middle School, we are no longer using Pierce School, Anderson School, Robertson School, and Crosby High School.  Most recently, we are part of a State mandated consolidation and our school district is now known as Regional School Unit #20 and encompasses all the former SAD34 towns and former SAD56 (Searsport, Frankfort, and Stockton Springs).  We cover nine towns with two high schools, two middle schools, and nine elementary schools and a total of 2600 students. 

The city of Belfast and the surrounding communities have gone through major transformations in the years since your graduation.  The loss of the poultry and sardine industry and the arrival of MBNA, Bank of America, and Athena Health has resulted in obvious changes to the area.  We enjoy a branch of the University of Maine located at the Hutchinson Center out on route 3 and Waldo County Hospital has gone through an expansion.  The Belfast Free Library has undergone a renovation and the waterfront has totally changed.  If you have not been in the area for a while, I think you will be impressed with the changes.

Letti Harvey has undertaken the job of organizing this reunion as well as establishing an alumni association.  I encourage you to support her efforts and choose to be involved.

Enjoy your time ‘home’ and take advantage of the many activities arranged for you. 

Bruce Mailloux   ‘68’

Superintendent of School

RSU 20


Reunion Picture Link

The BAHS Alumni Association Seven Class Reunion ('75-'81) pictures have been posted by Tracy Carson-Professional Photographer.   "Click Here" to view.  He can be contacted at:


New Tab: Interviews w/ Alumni

A new tab has been added to the BAHS Alumni Association website: "Interviews W/ Alumni".  Three BAHS graduate interviews have been posted: Allen Holmes '66 - the Alumni Service Award winner for 2010, Richard Cilley '77 - retired Military Veteran, and Gregory Shute '78 - Wilderness Program Director for The Chewonki Foundation in Wiscassett.  This will be an on-going feature which will highlight a wide range of careers and situations.  Please take a few minutes and check it out.  Also, suggestions regarding interesting and willing interview subjects would be appreciated. 

 Official Belfast School District Website

Below is the link to the Consolidated School System (RSU #20) which includes Belfast and also a link to the Belfast Area High School's official website.  Both sites have an up-to-date calendar of events page that will keep you abreast of what is going on and maybe something will interest people enough to attend and/or support.      

Alumni Owned Businesses and Services

Please check out the tab "Business Directory" on the left column of the home page.  These businesses and services are owned by fellow alumni of BAHS  and they would welcome the opportunity to win and obtain your patronage.  Please give them first chance to address and fill your consumer needs.